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Nieuws over de kitcar "De Flyer"

The 2cv as base for The Flyer
nice nose of The Flyer, nice valve covers are an option
Study documentation
Base made out of steelwire frame
December 2016:


First layer of primer is put on the car, tomorrow sanding

November 2016:

3 weeks of hard work, sanding sanding

October 2016:

New produced fenders and test fitting the chair and seat position

September 2016:

August 2016:

July 2016:

June 2016:

Door trim

First fenders made

Ready for the polyester guy

The first aluminium parts

There they are, the mould for the fenders

Making the body gaps straight and beatifull

Front fenders

De moulds are getting there, this is the rear right side

There she is, outside for the first time:

May 2016:

Started with the fender moulds:

Body filler!!!

April 2016:


Hotrod holes in the roof

Seat fitting... looking good

March 2016:

Doors on boths sides, dashboard and roof cleaned up.

February 2016:

Doors are almost finished.

It's a plane

LHD dashboard

All the parts conencted now figuring out what we are going to do with the doors, door or no door, small door, big door...suicide doors...

Made a metal frame which holds the bonnet sides in place and supports the headlamps.

January 2016:


Dashboard, head lamp, wheel and fenders and mockup exhaust.

December 2015:

We had to change the design because the chassis was to wide, I think we found a "cool" solution for that.
Also we change the body so it fits perfectly over the chassis.

November 2015:

Cut big sections out of the body and 'chanelled' it over the chassis.

Mould of the roof:

Test fitting the car on the new chassis

October 2015:

Rear valance mould mostly done and the shuttering started for the roof.

First front part made.

September 2015:

First body casted from the mould.

Moulds for the bonnet top and sides.

July 2015:

First bodie made from the mould.
This one will be customized for the 2cv.

April 2015
2 mould are almost ready.

Februari 2015:

Disassembled the body and finished the bulkhead, floor and cowl (which were very rough).
Also improved the screen pillars a little for later.

So the plan was to mould the original, take a body from the mould and modify it for the standard chassis.
Well, the main body tub is 90% moulded and I am starting the cowl mould.

September 2014:

Been to England to discuss the progress with the designer of the Flyer, we are starting to get the project going again. We are on the right way, slowly but steady.

September 2012:

The Flyer is on Donnington circuit on the weekend of 1 and 2 September 2012.

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